Link Me

Minecraft a computer game that requires building and fighting zombie's, skeleton's, spider's and witches.
Alien A.A. a text based battle game.
Steam is a good place to get games for your computer. They even have Indy games and tons of sales every month.

Clothing and Ect
Wanderer Bracelets very cool bracelets.
Jeffree Star Cosmetics has very nice and cute makeup.
Kat Von D Beauty has great makeup.
Urban Decay lots of makeup.
Hard Candy my favorite makeup that I use alot.
Jeannie Nitro lovely clothing.
Retro Glam a retro clothing line.
Cherri lane fashion site.
Miss Self Destructive corsets.
The Dark Store cute gothic clothing and more.

Kattaryna someone I was friends with years ago. Who passed away.
Natasha is my facebook buddy.
Neal a great photographer and someone I have known forever.

Photography and Art
Illustrated Eye Natasha's portfolio site.
Illustrated Eye Facebook page.
Xtreme Photography Studio a friend of mine who take arrange of photo's
Black Daisies Pam's art work.